Safcode Institute by Sir Safder

  • Introduction to C Language

    In 1970 Dennis Ritchie develop C language at BELL lab (USA),in 1972.
    C language is a middle-level programming language because it supports
    the feature of both low-level and high-level languages. 
    Which is used to create console application. 
    It is a case-sensitive language.
    Structure of C-language
    int main() {
       printf("Hello, World!");
       return 0;
    #include  -> Library / Header file
    Include means we can add the library in top of the file. 
    And add the library name in angular bracket like #include<stdio.h>. 
    std mean standard, io means input/output and h means header. 
    It necessary because without this library we can’t print anything.

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