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  • Data Definition Language

    In SQL, data definition language (DDL) is use for
    creating and modifying database and its objects like
    tables, indexes, and users. In Data Definition Language
    include ( Create, Alter, Drop ) Commands.
    Creating Database:
    create database safcode
    Creating Table:
    create table table_name (
        column1 datatype, 
        column2 datatype,
        column3 datatype,
    //like int, varchar, date etc
    create table courses (
        courseid int,
        coursename varchar(50),
        duration varchar(50),
        fee int
    Alter Table:
    If you want to add, remove or modify your columns in
    an existing table so you can use alter command.
    add addmission_date columns in a existing table.
    alter table courses
    add addmision_date varchar(50)
    Delete Column:
    alter table courses
    drop column addmision_date
    Modify Column:
    alter table courses
    alter column addmision_date date
    DROP Command:
    drop table table_name/database_name
    drop table courses
    The below SQL Server tutorial will help you to learn
    this DDL all Commands

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